What depression (and anxiety) does


It makes me pick at the skin on my fingers, chew my nails and bite the inside of my mouth.

It gives me headaches, body aches, an upset stomach, lack of appetite or a constant hunger.

It makes me want to sleep all the time or keeps me awake in the middle of the night.

It gives me nightmares,…

Minus the sad all the time and wanting to die aspect, this hits anxiety right on the head. I wish most people understood this.

reblog if you’ve ever had/currently have depression and like if you’ve ever had/currently have anxiety.


it’s for a school project. no ones names/usernames will be mentioned, but i just need statistics. thanks.

"Anxiety isn’t cute. It’s painful. It’s tears, hardly any social interaction, losing your hair, shaking and trembling, biting your nails, self hatred, and self destruction. It’s laying in your bed at night begging for sleep, but it just won’t let you. It’s waking up in the morning but you don’t dare to look in the mirror because your thoughts are eating at you and it is physically showing on the outside. It’s not quirky and adorable. It’s an ugly monster that lives inside your head. Anxiety isn’t cute."

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Girl Code Tip #124


When going to bars, never go alone.
Not only is that lame, you need someone there to help watch yourself, your drinks, and to be with you on the way home.
Buddy system for life y’all.

Girl Code.

Girl Code Tip #125


When you go in to a class knowing no one, the most important thing you can do is make friends.
You’re going to need someone to give you notes when you can’t make it because 9/10 times the teacher won’t help you.

Girl Code.

Hmm. Tomorrow I’m screwed since I made no friends and have to choose between going half deaf or going to class. -. -

Girl Code Tip #127


Don’t question a girl on her period.
You will either have a really sympathetic reply or you will be yelled at for the next 3 hours.
It’s not worth that risk.

Girl Code.


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